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So here is the long awaited draw. It was almost as exiting as the event itself waiting the Clint I'Anson to be pulled out of the hat.

I am not familiar on what the handicaps are but I will give my review on each quarter. I have set up virtual betting for registered members of the website

Section 1

Darren Tinkler v Steve Porter
Steve Pratt v Bye
Leon Quinn Jnr v Geoff Cambell
Kevin Mcgary v Bryan Halcrow

The first games could be anyones again depending on the hanicap. Obviously Steve Pratt should get through to the next round but even he is capable of losing a BYE ;)

I think Leon will not have enough to get past Geoff and can only see Bryan Halcrow getting through against Mcgary. That being said the pool gods seem to be against Bryan at the moment and Mcgary is no fool.

In my opinion Bryan should come through this section of the draw.

Section 2

Matt Brennan v Dean Wilson
Bye v Steve Bog
Seamus Nolan v Tom Morgan
Cas v Ross Terrington

Well... Matt and Dean are two potting loonatics and this could be the first game finished of the tour. Depending on handicap Dean should be too much for Matt and obviously Steve Bog has a bye.

Seamus if he can stay off the beer may just pip Tom with a handicap.

I can see only one winner between Ross and Cas and that being Ross. That being said I think Dean might have too much potting ability for Ross.

Section 3

Peter Colbet v Nathan Teasdale
Bye v Michael Gibbons
Les Walker v Callum Robinson
Davy Keogan v Dave Ferguson

Unfortunately, I dont know a great deal about these players other than Fergies game will be the last one finished so my advice would be to get him on early ;)

Section 4

Michael Rice v Ian Smith
Bye v Sean Foxton
Andy Dawson v Julian Slater
Andrew Gibson v Stefan Gazzel

Smithy is a very steady player who makes very few mistakes and is a good tournament player so I can see him beating Michael and then Sean who has a bye.

Andy Dawson is a very underestimated player but he may have met his match against Julian who is a seasoned county player so i got to edge with Julian here.

Gibson and Gazzel are new to me but I do know how good Julian can play so I have to edge for Julian here.

Section 5

Simon Baker v Alan Parker
Bye v Mark Humble
David Glynn v Davy Breary
David Thomson v Stewart Wright

Whilst Parker is a steady hand by the time section 5 gets played Alan will have downed a few snake bites and Simon who is pro standard wont take much to stamp his authority on this game.

Humble has a bye. But I can not see him beating Simon Baker so I can see Simon playing an inform Stewart Wright from the bottom half of this section.

Section 6

Paul Coxon v Michael Best
Jay Dewar v bye
Jimmy Bradly v Andrew Bowes
Conner Morton v Bryan Pendleton

Coxon and Best will come down to how Coxon is playing as sometimes he is a slow starter but I have to go for Coxon to play Jay Dewar.

Whilst Jay is steady and no fool on the table Coxon will be settled and warmed up by now so I have to go with Coxon to win this section.

Jimmy is an old style county player and can pot for fun when he is on whilst Bowesy tells everyone he is there just to make the numbers up he is capable of pinching the odd frame so if the handicap is right Jimmy will have a tough game if Bowesy nicks the early frames. I think Jimmy will progress to play the winner of Conner and Bryan.

Conner has definately improved over the last few years and if he gets his sensible game together he should beat Pendleton. Unfortunately, I can not see Conner beting Coxon. So for me Coxon will progress from this section.

Section 7

Kev Teasdale v Kai Dixon
Bye v Jordan Watson
Zak Scot v Stweart Ford
Nikki Ellar v Paul Gritton

Oddly enough I spoke to Kev today and said that he would get Kai and sure enough he did. I also mentioned that depending on the handicaps Kai could drop in a couple of early frames which could cause Kev some trouble. I have to edge with Kev to play Jordan who will probably be off the same handicap as Kev. Kev will be warmed up and used to the tables where as Jordan will have been sat for quite some time so I got to go with Kev to win.

Zak and Ford are unknowns so to me this is the flip of a coin.

Ellar and Gritton should be a cracker but from what I have seen of Ellar he makes mistakes early doors and Gritton will punish these.

I can see Kev and Gritton having a close game but again got to edge with Kev for his pure potting power.

Section 8

Kane Armstrong v Michal Todd
Mark Hughes v Lee Wren
Kevin Rainbow v Wokki
Matty Cristopher v Clint Ianson

Its going to be a long wait for these guys but again some good games. If Kane settles early he should turn over Todd and Marks tactics should see him past Wren.

Rainbow will show Wokki no mercy in all aspects of the game which takes me onto the cream of the crop.

Matty seems to play the player rather than the board and Clint simply has too much for the entire field. Depending on the handicap I cant see Clint getting beat off anyone in this section even Rainbow. So I think it will be Clint who progresses.

The entire event looks pretty good with stanards of all levels and the handicap is crutial to make the event a success for all parties. You can not go too hard on people who are good and you can not go too soft on the weaker players. A very tough competition and I can see it being a cracker.

Good luck everyone and don't forget we are doing virtual betting on for registered members and the odds for the players are already online.

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