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These are the results from the losers side of the draw.

Wrigglesworth is out to a heart breaking 6-7 defeat from Buslaev.

Andrew Mitchell took a battering from Yeh Chenlu 7-1.

Gareth Allen beat Ryan Oneal in another close game 7-6.

Moray Dolan fell to Jason Theron 7-6.

John Paul Roe is out to John Paul Roe 7-5.

Michael Hill is out to M Lawrenson 7-3 and the pool gods were just not there today for Mick.


Gareth Hibbott is taking the China 8 ball quite well and survived today with a 7-2 win beating Jamie Lee Wood.

David McNamara had a convincing win against Sina Valizadeh 7-4.

J Heckingbottom is through taking out Timofey Sereda.

Harry Irwin is still battling away with a sneaky win 7-6 over Michael Beeston

Simon Fitzsimonis back to winning ways after struggling to keep up with the flukes against him in the winners side and takes a win against Sergei Riabinin 7-1

Shane Thompson had a brilliant result against top Snooker pro Gary Wilson 7-5.

Gary's stable mate Elliot J Slessor won again today with a 7-4 win over David Nelson.

Jayson Shaw cruised through his game 7-4 against Maung Maung.

Arfan Dad is having the time of his life knocking Gary Wilson off the winners side yesterday and picking up another win today against Sina Valizadeh to qualify for the main event.

Chris T Melling picked up another win against Aden C Jseph 7-5. Chris has not settled into the competition yet but the further he goes the stronger he will become.

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