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We are all in the pool industry. We are not in the golf/tennis/darts/snooker etc industries. Those industries don’t need the players to promote the sport, those sports are at the top of the hill but in the past, they did need the players to promote their events.

Pool, I’m afraid is at the bottom of the hill and is a very poor sport with no finances or real structure so it’s up to the players to promote and market the events that are trying to help them and the sport. Maybe only 10-20% of the worldwide pool population know about the next event or who the world champion is etc. It’s up to us, the players, especially the players at a professional level that have big followings on social media, to help improve these figures and make the fan more aware of pool.

Most pros have 5,000 friends on FB and at least another 5,000 followers, in some cases 20,000-30,000! Maybe your ego is too big or you think you’re too big/important or it’s not your job. That kind of attitude is not going to help the sport or yourself.

Sharing and promoting tournaments (and promoting yourself) also will go a long way to help pool (and yourself). We should all push together in the right direction!

I see many posts from promoters including mine where pros are tagged in, with tournament, entry, and marketing details for the stream and/or tickets. And less than 10% of those players like and share the post. In my opinion that is sad and one of the many reasons why pool is such a poor game/sport.

Nobody is bigger than the game, we are all here for the same reason and we're all equal. We all want to make a difference and help each other in life... Just think about why a lot of players or events don’t or can’t get sponsors and why pool currently is where it is.

Social Media is a huge tool these days for marketing and promoting sports like Pool and it’s Free, So let’s use it to our advantage and it will benefit everyone..

Don’t wait for something to happen make it happen yourself.

Darrren runs a World Pool Series with some big money involved check out the page for it here:

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