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Chinese 8 Ball

Live streams starting later tonight:


Table 2

Table 3

Main Table:T I could only get this one working if I loaded it on firefox through a firestick on the tv

Thanks for the links. I managed to get the main table link working.


Use this one

Thanks mate.

Joe Perry beats Barry Hawkins

Mark King got beat off Yang

Lawrenson is through

Melling and Hill are through and are set to play each other tomorrow 27th March

Melling beat Mick so he is into the last 32

Jayson Shaw has been beat by Thorston

Melling is the last Brit standing by the looks of it. Plays again in a few hours

Last 16

 Chris Melling (GBR)
28th 18:00 Table 11
刘闯(小) (辽 宁)
Liu Chuang (CHN)

吴振宇 (黑龙江)
Wu Zhenyu (CHN)
28th 18:00 Table 12
党金虎 (山 东)
Dang Jinhu (CHN)

刘俊岩 (黑龙江)
Liu Junyan (CHN)
28th 18:00 Table 13
石汉青 (天 津)
Shi Hanqing (CHN)

张广豪 (河 南)
Zhang Guanghao (CHN)
28th 18:00 Table 14
杨绍杰 (缅甸)
Phone Myint Kyaw (MYA)
郑宇伯 (吉 林)

Zheng Yubo (CHN)
28th 18:00 Table 15
刘 海 (山 东)
Liu Hai (CHN)
柯秉逸 (中国台湾)

Ko Pin Yi (TPE)
28th 18:00 Table 16
杨 帆 (辽 宁)

Yang Fan (CHN)

穆罕默德 波德尔 (伊朗)
M Pordel (IRI)
28th 18:00 Table 1
张 磊 (辽 宁)
Zhang Lei (CHN)

宛仝乐 (山 东)
Wan Tongle (CHN)
28th 18:00 Table 2
楚秉杰 (上 海)
Chu Bingjie (CHN)


Melling v Jinhu Quarter finals


Melling 1 - 0 Jinhu

Melling 2 - 0 Jinhu on this stream

Melling Playing solid pool so far and not going crazy

After a few tactical snookers Melling has gone 3-0 up

Melling to break.... and then they turn the stream off!!! GRRR

Stream switched to :

Melling 4 -0 up

Melling 5-0

Melling 6-0

Melling 7-0

Melling 7 - 1

Melling missed a long black to let Jinhu in

Melling 7-2

Melling 8-2

Melling 9-2

Melling 10-2

Melling 11-2

12-2 to melling

Chris wins 13-2